Plenty of Trout for everyone

The weather has finally mellowed out, the river has been at a steady flow, and good mixed hatches have got the resident trout in a feeding rhythm. On a recent 2 boater, Jeff Besecker ended up riding solo for the day in the front of my boat. This is the ideal situation for working on dry fly fishing tactics as all the air space above the boat was all his. In almost every spot, start to finish, a native trout responded to Jeff’s offerings. It was pretty easy to get Jeff’s cast tuned up and when we found free rising trout, he was all over them.

Over in Matt’s boat, Greg and Taylor chose to avoid back casting conflict by sitting back and swinging wet flies for most of the afternoon. From our angle it looked like a good choice. I dont think I ever saw them put the flies out and not catch something. At one point we saw Matt’s boat beached on a gravel bar with Matt out in the water and Greg and Taylor laughing and high fiving. We boated in for a closer look just in time to see the second release of a double up catch of over sized rainbows.

We all enjoyed being out for the 3rd nice weather day of the year. To top it off we stopped in at Mazzi’s for some homemade pasta and Taylor treated us with two perfectly complimentary red wines. I love my job! Thanks everybody and check out the photos: