Summer in the Valley

Whether angling for trout or steelhead, the fishing has been on in the last few weeks here in the southern Willamette Valley.

On the Willamette, steelhead and trout action has been steady. Most trips are turning up a fish or two with some magic days mixed in. Earlier in the month, it was Charlie Greenwood and his nephew Jason who hit that magic day. In an all-day drizzle, they rose seven steelhead, hooked five and landed three along with numerous nice wild trout. People often say, “you should have been here yesterday.” Well, as I told them that day, “today was ‘yesterday!'”

On the upper McKenzie, hatchery rainbow trout along with a healthy number of wild redsides have been abundant, providing consistent action on dries and wets. One day last week, Charlie Greenwood (who else?)and his brother Lee had a day which featured a hatchery fish-fry lunch, several nice wild redsides, a brief encounter with a summer steelhead, and a spectacular encounter with a determined osprey. Quite a day! Charlie is rewarded every year for his willingness to put dates on the calendar in the prime season and roll the dice. See you next year, Charlie!