Salmo-thon 2014

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw-1 In between spates of rain and amongst the throngs of anglers, salmon fishing has been excellent at times.  Chinook action has been the mainstay of late.  Although it is a maddeningly volatile fishery, the payoff is always worth the effort and flexibility required to be there when the elements align.


IMG_1868RobBDayKing2IMG_1878IMG_1894ENChromer2014Meanwhile on many nearby drainages, we have enjoyed a bumper crop of returning cohos.  And while catching them has been awesome at times, the sheer numbers of fish have been amazing.  In the upper reaches of some streams, salmon have been so thick, you could literally pet them.IMG_1776IMG_1798 - Version 2Each year, the Fall return of salmon to Oregon’s coastal rivers is an event worth celebrating.  It reminds us that the natural world is still in order. Embodied in these creatures, the Pacific Ocean still reaches deep into the crags of rainwashed valleys in the heart of the coastal mountains.IMG_1826 - Version 2Fish On!