Valley Fishing in November

The end of the fall season is bittersweet. The weather is getting more volatile, the days shorter. But the fishing has remained compelling for those willing to brave the elements.

Alan Jacobson and Randy Hutchins recently made a journey from Texas and New Mexico, respectively, hoping to hone their speycasting skills and perhaps connect with their first steelhead. On the first of two days of swinging, Randy and Alan worked hard perfecting the finer points of two-handedness. Both enjoyed the relaxing pace of swinging and stepping down through the Willamette’s broad smooth runs. On day two, they wore their game faces and were rewarded with the ultimate prize: their first steelhead. The true trophy was the window into the mysterious world of the steelhead fly fisher. Suffice it to say, these guys are hooked! Check out some of the photos from the day:

On the last day of the season, Scott and I joined up with Greg, Bert,and Katie Jones, along with Katie’s friend, Megan, for a misty day on the McKenzie. We were all lamenting the woeful Saturday performance of the Beaver football team when Katie hooked into a huge fish. The first of the day turned out to be the trout of the year!

Katie once again demonstrated that she is definitely a fishy young woman (and I mean that in the nicest possible way)!

All in all, the Jones family two-boater made for a perfect ending to the fall season.

Now: Bring on the rain!

Get ready for winter steelhead! The Dudes are now booking January dates for the ultimate Oregon fly rod quarry.