High Lakes are Holding!

IMG_0840It’s unusual in the thick of the season to get a chance for a vacation with the family.  But this summer, the stars aligned for a five-day adventure in the high Cascades.  We decided to visit the Newberry Volcanic Monument east of La Pine. Specifically, the heart of the Newberry Caldera:  East Lake.IMG_0868The fishery at East Lake is diverse and compelling: Rainbows, Browns, Kokanee, and landlocked Atlantic Salmon make up a veritable smorgasbord of species to target with a fly rod.IMG_0810IMG_0803I limited my arsenal of flies to dries and light nymphs and only fished when there were risers within casting range. IMG_0873This seemed appropriate when balanced against all the other fun activities to be enjoyed:  mountain biking, waterfalls, swimming, hot springs, collecting volcanic debris.IMG_0854Towards the end of the trip, I was still amazed at how beautiful the place was.  The white pumice beach and azure waters made it seem like a true Redneck Riviera.IMG_0832Back here in the Valley, summer fishing has been consistent.  McKenzie trouting has been great.  Steelheading has had its moments in between heat waves.IMG_0738IMG_0704Summertime, and the living is easy. . .


Summer Steelheading in the Heat

IMG_0592Summer has arrived in the form of hot bright days and fresh summer steelhead.  Getting on the water early has led to some nice sessions before the midday “inner tube hatch” (safety equipment: half-rack of Coors Light) gets going.  Here are some images from recent trips.  Tight Lines!IMG_0636IMG_0603IMG_0617IMG_0605IMG_0621IMG_0655