Trouty New Years!

The 2020s dawned with low water and calm conditions. Naturally, this time of year is characteristically volatile, with dynamic river levels and weather. This being said, when conditions are stable, nice wild trout will be on the bite during limited windows of the day.

On these calm days, it is quiet out there: A great way to float into the new decade!

For those of you itching to get out, we’re offering our McKenzie winter special: $375 for a midday half day of fishing, all flies, gear, and beverages included. Feeling lucky? Let’s put a date on the calendar!

Speaking of volatility, winter steelhead fishing is getting underway around here as well. When conditions are favorable, we’ll be getting wet in search of some fresh chrome. A recent scouting mission found no steelhead but turned up this beautiful wild coho salmon. Welcome bycatch for the effort!

Happy New Year! See you on the water!