Winter Visions

Volatile weather is always a consideration for winter fishing, with a recent stretch of snowy, icy, rainy, sleety, etc. conditions as a prime example. But in between moments when the roads and rivers clear, we have been enjoying some memorable days on the water. As we look ahead to Spring trout fishing and the joy of the first good hatches of the season, here is a look back at the times when the weather reminded us that this is a great place to live!

As we look to the warming weeks ahead, we are again offering our Spring Special McKenzie Half Day Rate between now and April 20, 2023: $400 for 1-2 Anglers for a 4-5 hour outing during the best time of the day. Please feel free to contact the Dudes for more information and to save your date for some of the best dry fly trout fishing of the season!