Trouty New Years!

The 2020s dawned with low water and calm conditions. Naturally, this time of year is characteristically volatile, with dynamic river levels and weather. This being said, when conditions are stable, nice wild trout will be on the bite during limited windows of the day.

On these calm days, it is quiet out there: A great way to float into the new decade!

For those of you itching to get out, we’re offering our McKenzie winter special: $375 for a midday half day of fishing, all flies, gear, and beverages included. Feeling lucky? Let’s put a date on the calendar!

Speaking of volatility, winter steelhead fishing is getting underway around here as well. When conditions are favorable, we’ll be getting wet in search of some fresh chrome. A recent scouting mission found no steelhead but turned up this beautiful wild coho salmon. Welcome bycatch for the effort!

Happy New Year! See you on the water!

All Hail the King

Fly fishing success for chinook salmon is never really a sure bet. After a decent but spotty season of recreational trolling in the bays, reports from the coastal rivers were grim: extremely low river levels and general closures of some fisheries until significant rains come had many anglers calling a pass. Plus, steelheading around home was still decent.

But for those who believe, there is always hope. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been mining some chomers out of the limited areas not closed as we await the rains that will (hopefully) come. With the return of the Kings, the hogline has been steadily thickening. Now, as we sit back and pray for rain, let’s look back at some of the under-the-radar moments enjoyed by those who put faith before logic and cast their hope into the chromer soup.

Fall Fishing Fantastic!

While the weather has been volatile, the fishing has been excellent throughout the last month. Trout action has been the best, with plenty of nice fish looking up for dry flies. Steelhead fishing has been steady, despite this year’s light return. In short: Fish are biting! Time to get back out there. Enjoy a few shots from the past few weeks. See you on the river!

Fall Rains and Rainbows

Fall has come all at once, with rain, wind, lightning, thunder, sunshine and plenty of good fishing. Just make sure to pack your rain gear! Trout and steelhead have been on the bite with the cooler conditions. Enjoy a few shots from the last few weeks!

Early Summer Action Heats Up

The local waters have dropped into midsummer levels, and fishing has been good. Trout action has been excellent at times, with some nice wild redsides looking up on the cloudier days.

On the steelhead front, fishing has been slow but steady. Counts are low so far, but chromers have been out there for those who put in the swings.

Enjoy a few shots from the last few weeks. See you on the river!

Deschutes Salmonfly Hatch 2019

Another season in the incomparable Deschutes Canyon is in the rearview. This year’s adventure included wind, rain, sun, trains, snakes, and plenty of trout. Now, as we settle back into the close-to-home waters, here’s a look back at some of the highlights.

After the Flood

McKenzie River at Hayden Bridge April 8, 2019

A late-season Pineapple Express in early April resulted in some of the highest water levels seen on local rivers in over a decade. On the heels of a February snowstorm that toppled countless trees into the rivers, the flood has rearranged woody structure and riverbottom strata alike. In the last couple of weeks, it has been fun getting out there to see where and how the river has changed.

As is typical of flood events, the river takes a while to recover. Mature insects that were staging to hatch have been washed away, and the fish are only now emerging from the refuge of sheltering lies along and under the banks and submerged vegetation.

But fish gotta eat, and so the action has been pretty good since the waters have subsided. And there have been some really nice ones on the move.

As things settle down into Spring proper and the weather warms, we expect the fishing will only improve. It will be interesting to see how the hatches progress after the flood.

Spring Special is ON thru April

Early season trout fishing is in full swing this month. Through the end of April, the Two Dudes are offering our McKenzie Spring Special half-day rate: $350 for a 5-hour tour. This is a late morning-through-early afternoon trip, designed to be on the water for the best time for surface activity.

March Browns are popping daily, and the redsides are noticing. Time to get out and flex that trout gear!

2019 Brazilian Peacock Party

Epic Peacock Bass!
Max Salzburg photo.

Just returned from another amazing trip to the Equatorial Amazon. Great fishing this season! Here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights. This trip is as incredible as it looks! When you’re ready to sweat for your fishing, we can show you the way.

Matt Canter photo.
Matt Canter photo.
Joseph has the eyes.
Matt Canter photo.
Sam on lunch break.
Matt Canter photo.
Giant hopper.
Irmao knew the perfect laguna for Dexter’s last-day arapaima.
Peter Widener photo.
Matt Canter photo.