Summer and Fall in the Valley

Since the Spring rains tapered off in late June, we’ve had a long run of dry weather. With the Cedar Creek Fire continuing to pump smoke into our region, we’ve been fairly fortunate that the airflow has mostly spared the upper McKenzie Valley. Now half way through the first October without precipitation that anyone can remember, we are again dusting off our rain dancing shoes.

In spite of the persistent dry and occasionally smoky conditions, we’ve enjoyed steady good fishing for trout and even a few steelhead now and then. As we hope for rain to douse the fire, swell the salmon rivers, and wash away the dust of late summer, here’s a look back at some of the moments that keep the spirits aligned.

Fishing through the Floods

Well, I guess you could say our rain dance worked! After a mostly dry winter and early Spring, the floodgates opened and we received record rainfall. The Portland Airport recorded the highest April rainfall amount ever! Here in the rain soaked upper Valley, conditions on the river were quite volatile. Some days it would rain hard and the river would rise rapidly, followed by a few days of showers and dropping levels, followed by more rain, etc.

Through it all, however, we’ve managed to find some great fishing (if you didn’t mind getting soaked for your trouble, now and then!). As things settle down into more reasonable weather and river conditions, we are grateful for all the water and snowpack to sustain the fish for the coming summer season. Special thanks to all the intrepid anglers who braved the elements with us over the last month and a half. You make it all worth it!

Now as we segue into some of the best fishing of the year, here’s a look back at all the soggy and sunny and windy and sleeting days that we won’t soon forget.

Spring Things

The riverbanks are greening and the trout are rising. Fishing has been very good over the last few weeks here in the Valley. With our first significant hatches of the season underway, beautiful wild trout are happy.

We love this time of year and look forward to the promise of the next several months on the river. See you on the water!

Midwinter Moments

Winter fly fishing is a often a fickle pursuit. Let’s face it: it can be cold and uncomfortable any given day out there. And river conditions can fluctuate wildly with volatile weather.

This winter, we started out with weeks of rain, swollen rivers, and ample snowpack in the mountains. Then it just… stopped. The rain gods turned off the spigot, leading to 2 months of high pressure and dry conditions across the entire west coast. While it made for nice clear weather on the coast and persistent fog in the Valley, rivers have dropped to summer levels throughout the region. Now as we look to segue into Spring conditions, we hope for a freshet of rain to sustain us through the season to come.

While we do our rain dance, here’s a look back at the action over the last several weeks. See you on the water!

Spring is in the air!

Fall Fishing 2021 is a Wrap

The biggest problem with fly fishing in Oregon in the Fall is choosing where to wet a line. The good news is that it will likely be good fishing wherever you opt to deploy your toys! Fall 2021 did not disappoint. Steady trout action was the highlight, with an occasional steelhead or salmon swimming into range.

Enjoy a look back at all the fishy fun of the last couple of months. The Dudes wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season. See you on the other side!

Fall Fly Fishing on Tap

Finally! Rain has come to the Valley after a seemingly endless summer of dry conditions. Recent significant rainfall should go a long way towards ending the dreaded fire/smoke season.

We’re looking forward to cooler days and happy fish in the weeks to come. As we ease into the comfort of Fall fly fishing, here’s a look back at the last couple of months on the water. Despite the dry spell, it still looked pretty sweet.

Rowing Into Summer

It has been a busy couple of months on the water. With Scott doing laps over on the Deschutes, and Matt holding down the local duties, we’ve seen a lot of river miles lately! Fishing has been excellent throughout, with great fish and friends old and new.

As we row on into summer, it’s a good time to look back on a lot of cool times on the river. Spring in the Valley: It doesn’t get much better! Here’s a few scenes from the last few weeks on the local. Enjoy!

Redsides in Bloom

March fishing has been excellent here in the Valley! With daily hatches of March Brown Mayflies and optimal water levels throughout the month, resident Redside rainbow trout were making their presence felt. We’re rolling happily into April with plenty of great fishing on tap.

Quite a run of Redsides!

Spring in Swing

Around our neighborhood, the canary splash of daffodils and the scent of wild plum blossoms are welcome reminders that Spring is upon us. River waters warm, insects begin to stir, and trout are awaiting their moment to rise. We love this time of year and all the hope for the coming fishing season it engenders. Whether it’s late season swings for elusive winter steelhead or the first dry fly grab from a solid McKenzie Redside, that mojo is rising.

Coming out of this winter we will never forget, let’s move into the light of the new season on the water and all the hope that entails. Can’t wait to see you on the river!

The Quiet of Winter Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is often called “the quiet sport.” Alone with one’s thoughts on the water, we can find moments of true reflection. If only for a moment, focus shifts to achieving a connection with something vital, wild, and wholly removed from the chaos and clamor of our daily lives.

Moments of anticipation with hope and quiet focus retrain our brains to tune down the anxiety, noise, and anger so prevalent in our screen-addled lives. In the interstitial spaces of winter, we can heal.