Rowing Into Summer

It has been a busy couple of months on the water. With Scott doing laps over on the Deschutes, and Matt holding down the local duties, we’ve seen a lot of river miles lately! Fishing has been excellent throughout, with great fish and friends old and new.

As we row on into summer, it’s a good time to look back on a lot of cool times on the river. Spring in the Valley: It doesn’t get much better! Here’s a few scenes from the last few weeks on the local. Enjoy!

Redsides in Bloom

March fishing has been excellent here in the Valley! With daily hatches of March Brown Mayflies and optimal water levels throughout the month, resident Redside rainbow trout were making their presence felt. We’re rolling happily into April with plenty of great fishing on tap.

Quite a run of Redsides!

Spring in Swing

Around our neighborhood, the canary splash of daffodils and the scent of wild plum blossoms are welcome reminders that Spring is upon us. River waters warm, insects begin to stir, and trout are awaiting their moment to rise. We love this time of year and all the hope for the coming fishing season it engenders. Whether it’s late season swings for elusive winter steelhead or the first dry fly grab from a solid McKenzie Redside, that mojo is rising.

Coming out of this winter we will never forget, let’s move into the light of the new season on the water and all the hope that entails. Can’t wait to see you on the river!

The Quiet of Winter Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is often called “the quiet sport.” Alone with one’s thoughts on the water, we can find moments of true reflection. If only for a moment, focus shifts to achieving a connection with something vital, wild, and wholly removed from the chaos and clamor of our daily lives.

Moments of anticipation with hope and quiet focus retrain our brains to tune down the anxiety, noise, and anger so prevalent in our screen-addled lives. In the interstitial spaces of winter, we can heal.

New Year Reflections

Go ahead and exhale; we made it through the weirdest year anyone can remember! 2021 holds the promise of a fresh start and renewed hope for a brighter tomorrow. Along the way, fishing provides a socially-distanced refuge from all the clamor and tumult.

We’re looking forward to seeing friends on the water in the New Year. We will be chasing winter steelhead as the early season unfolds. And again, between January 1 and April 20, 2021, we are offering our McKenzie Trout Special Half-Day Rate: $375 for 1-2 anglers. It’s a great way to shake off those winter blahs!

As we look forward to upcoming winter and spring outings, here’s a look back at some scenes from the past few months of late fall and early winter action. Stay safe out there! See you on the water!

Finding Happiness in the Chaos

Sometimes it feels like 2020 is just a series of progressively heavier news. No one has been spared. Here in Western Oregon, we are just digging out from the catastrophic fires and smoke that have devastated many of our treasured waterways and the communities that surround them. The scale of loss can feel overwhelming.

But through this season of discontent, we have managed to keep our hearts whole and our spirits salved through regular contact with the redemptive spirit of our home waters. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have joined us to share time on the river. Because of you, we can hope for the day when we look back on 2020 as the beginning of the end of the darkness.

Here is a look back at the scenes from the last few months on the water. We hope you will join us for a slice of normalcy and enjoy the healing power of fly fishing. Until then, VOTE against hate and chaos, and keep dreaming of a brighter tomorrow!

Early Summer Escapes

To this point, Oregon, and specifically Lane County, has been a bright spot of hope in the big picture of the Pandemic. We sincerely hope that this will continue as we move into the summer months and warm sunny weather on the local waters. As people emerge from their homes and begin to reenter their communities, many have looked to fly fishing as an accessible healthy open-air escape. We are thankful for those anglers who have joined us over the last few weeks for some of the best fishing of the year (so far). Utilizing simple common-sense safety protocols, and naturally socially distanced, a guided fly fishing trip is a perfect way to get away from all the chaos.

Give us a call anytime to talk fishing. We can’t wait to see you on the river! For now, please enjoy some shots from the last few weeks on the water. Fishing is great!

2020 Covid-Safety Update

Spring is a great time for fresh hope and for fly fishing!  As of May 5, 2020, Two Dudes Fly Fishing will be open and ready to fish.  As circumstances change throughout the season, we will strive to do everything in our power to ensure your safety and to honor the most recent recommendations from the Governor’s Office. At this time, due to social-distancing considerations, we are offering limited types of outings.  If you feel like going fishing, please contact Matt (541) 870-6640 or Scott (503) 932-2426 to discuss trip details and to learn more about the specific measures we have put in place to keep everyone healthy.

If you’ve been planning to come fishing sometime this year, feel free to contact us, and let’s put a date on the calendar.  We are accepting advance bookings with no deposit and no penalty for cancellation for any reason.

We can’t wait to see you on the river!

Tight Lines, 

Matt and Scott

Agua Boa Brazil Report (the calm before the Storm)

Before all the chaos of Covid 19 upended our world, I spent a final month of calm in the sweltering equatorial heat of the Amazon Rainforest. Fishing was unbelievably good this season on the Rio Agua Boa. Low clear water and plenty of trophy peacock bass made for day after day after day of world-class sight fishing. . . and lots of happy clients!

Now home in Eugene, with the new reality of social distancing and the shadow of the virus coloring everything, it’s worth taking a moment to look back at some images from a time that now feels like another lifetime ago. I hope these pictures give you hope for the future and the return to a world where you can just hop on a plane and in a couple of days find yourself waist deep in the jungle cradling the fish of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Captain Caipirinha!

Thanks to Brookings Anglers Fly Shop’s Matt Canter for letting me poach a couple of his photos again this year (they’re the good ones!). And special thanks to Lance, Carlos, Dan, and all the crew at the Greatest Jungle Fly Fishing Lodge in the world!

Trouty New Years!

The 2020s dawned with low water and calm conditions. Naturally, this time of year is characteristically volatile, with dynamic river levels and weather. This being said, when conditions are stable, nice wild trout will be on the bite during limited windows of the day.

On these calm days, it is quiet out there: A great way to float into the new decade!

For those of you itching to get out, we’re offering our McKenzie winter special: $375 for a midday half day of fishing, all flies, gear, and beverages included. Feeling lucky? Let’s put a date on the calendar!

Speaking of volatility, winter steelhead fishing is getting underway around here as well. When conditions are favorable, we’ll be getting wet in search of some fresh chrome. A recent scouting mission found no steelhead but turned up this beautiful wild coho salmon. Welcome bycatch for the effort!

Happy New Year! See you on the water!